Poker has a wide variety of insidious mechanisms, many of which are not immediately apparent to novice players. A game may become unmanageable due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ll discuss just such a case today. When both players in a hand have a pair, how do you know who wins? Believe it or not, understanding it is not as challenging as you may imagine.

A player who enters a showdown with two higher pairings has a significant advantage. If both players have two pairs, the winner will be determined by who has the higher kicker. When there are identical pairs and kickers in play, the pot is divided evenly among the players.

When there are many streets of value, it is possible for players to fold top pairs. You need talent to earn money folding the bottom two pairs, however, since doing so is risky. When you have the best two pairs, folding is less of a hassle since you may raise your value bet and be paid off by lower two pair hands. Keep playing with stronger cards in your hand and be aware that your opponents may make the same moves if you utilize similar strategies. You’ll have better odds of getting top two pairings.


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