High Stakes Poker will be live on April 27 with a unique $200/$400 offer that promises action, drama, and bad blood.

Since it initially broadcast on GSN in 2006, the long-running poker program has gone through many alterations. Now that it is under the management of PokerGO, the high-stakes cash game event is following the industry’s current trend: live streaming.

On April 27, some of the world’s finest players will sit down with at least $100,000 and fight live in front of the cameras. The webcast will be available live on PokerGO and, perhaps most importantly, for free on YouTube.

High Stakes Poker is now available.
The list of names is open to change, but it seems that several breakthrough stars from the streaming world will be joining High Stakes Poker veterans. Some fierce rivals will also be involved.

According to an April 17 news release, returning professionals like as Bill Klein and Jennifer Tilly will be joined by Doug Polk, Matt Berkey, and Eric Persson, among others. The idea that High Stakes Poker will be aired live for free on YouTube is intriguing enough, but the predicted lineup makes it much more so.

As PokerGO President Mori Eskandani said on April 17, streaming is all the craze right now, so it’s only natural that High Stakes Poker joins the party.

“PokerGO is committed to increasing the game’s global visibility.” “New content, such as a live broadcast of High Stakes Poker, is part of our strategy, as it allows us to showcase the game on the largest platform,” Eskandani said on April 17.

The “platform” to which Eskandani refers is YouTube. On April 27, anybody with an internet connection will be able to visit the PokerGO YouTube channel and watch the $200/$400 cash game live and for free.

Rivals to clash live on YouTube
Those who tune in are sure to witness pyrotechnics. Over the years, High Stakes Poker has been linked with big sums and incredible moves. Indeed, the legendary hand between poker giants Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey (see video below) will never be forgotten.

High Stakes Poker has always been popular, but it is no longer the only big-money TV cash game in town. As a result, the producers spiced up the live feed.

That zing comes from the fact that Matt Berkey and Nik Airball have both been invited. Those of you who follow up with the latest poker headlines will be aware that they are now engaged in their own high-stakes heads-up duel.

Eric Persson, who is known for his outspokenness, is also set to appear. He’s gone after a lot of players on Twitter this week, including Berkey. So, even if the cards don’t create much drama, the players almost likely will.

On April 27, subscribe to PokerGO or visit the PokerGO YouTube channel to watch the action live. If you can’t watch the live stream, a replay of the $200/$400 Hold’em game will be available on YouTube after the broadcast.

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