To understand what poker solvers are for, you have to think about things like Game Theory Optimal. This theory, which was first put forward by John Nash, says that if two people play poker in the best way possible, the game will end in a draw. When one of the players starts to move away from this “best” strategy, his opponent gets a better position.
The poker solvers come into play at this point. Poker solvers are special pieces of software that figure out the best move to make in a given situation by looking at a huge number of possible outcomes and applying the Game Theory Optimal. In a way, poker solvers make the game easier because they give you a good strategy to follow.
But you should be aware that some poker rooms don’t let you use solvers, and if you do, you might get banned. Also, relying too much on software can make you less skilled, which can hurt you when you play offline. Poker solvers are also not great for people who are just starting to play poker, because the software is hard to use if you don’t know how the game works.

Which poker solver should you pick?

There aren’t many well-known solvers in the poker world, and they all cost a lot. All of them come with a guide on how to use them. It takes a lot of time to learn how to use a solver correctly, but the result could be well worth it.
On the list are:

Simple Postflop


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