A call is a poker term for a certain kind of bet. When you call, you “answer” your opponent’s bet or raise with the same number of chips. So, the call is always the same amount as the previous bet.

The way call is used

If you have the last word or if no one else has raised the bet, the betting round is over. It means that everyone’s bets are now the same, and a new card is dealt or the cards are shown in a showdown.

Raise by opponents: If you don’t have the last word, your opponents will probably up their bets. In this case, you must “call,” which means you have to put up the same amount as your opponents.

The initial bet stays the same. In this case, all players put in the same amount as the blind, and none of them raise.

Different ways to call

Cold call: The first player makes a bet before the flop, the second player raises it, and the third player calls. If you have a strong hand, this move is great.

Snap call means to call an opponent’s bet right away. A common move for experienced players who can predict what their opponents will do, but it can also be a sign of a new player who doesn’t yet know when to play and when to fold.

Flat call: To call a bet when the best move would have been to raise it. Usually thought of as a type of slow play.

Call is sometimes seen as a passive move that shows you have weak cards in your hand. Your opponents can’t think they have better cards and keep playing if you do this. This is a typical way to bluff.


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