It can be said for sure that equity is one of the most important concepts to understand when you want to reach professional levels in poker. Equity is used in most of the poker strategies, especially in strategies that fully rely on using mathematics during the game. In this text we will tell you about it and how to calculate equity efficiently. 

Equity is a share of the in-game pot that the player owns if there are no extra actions to do and all cards are already dealt. Equity is related directly to the probability that the player can have the best possible hand when the cards’ dealing is over. 

Let’s use Pocket Aces as an example. If you have them in your hand while your opponent calls with Pocket Kings, your equity will be 82%. It means that the probability of you still having the best hand after all the cards are dealt reaches 82%. 

But how to calculate equity? The best way to calculate it, especially when playing online, is using special poker tools and software. They can go through millions of simulations of different possibilities to help you to calculate your exact equity. Such tools are a must if you want to calculate your equity during preflop and flop rounds. Calculating on the turn can be easier. You can even do it without using any tools! 

Let’s think that you have A♥ A♣  and your opponent plays with J♠ T♠, while 9♠ 6♠ 2♦ 2♠ are on the board. In order to win over your opponent’s flush, you have to hit 2 or an Ace to get the full house combination. As there are 44 cards still in the deck and only four of this number will give you the desired full house, this four over 44 will come only out to 9.1% – and this number is your equity with such cards being played.


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