All you need for a basic poker game is a deck of cards, some chips and at least one opponent. Of course, your skills and ability to bluff will be very useful too if you want not only to play but also to win. However, when you purchase a poker set, for your surprise you can find a regular five dice. Most of the novice and amateur poker players don’t even know why the dice is included in the basic poker set. However, it is actually a very useful accessory that can be used in various ways! 

The main reason why you want a dice to be included into your poker set is to be able to play some special poker games. Most popular poker games that use dice are “Craps” and “Poker Dice”.

Poker Dice is a popular way to play the poker game without any cards. During the game each player rolls the dice 3 times, and the one who gets the best hand is victorious. The problem is that if you want to comfortably play Poker Dice you have to get a special dice that represents various cards instead of pips. Yet, it is still possible to play the game with a normal dice after some preparations and training. 

Craps is a type of a poker-related game that was invented in America based on the European game called “Hazards”. Craps is mostly focused on luck and predictions, when players try to get the desired outcome of a series of several dice rolls. Yet, this type of poker game requires two dice instead of five.


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