When you first start playing poker, you may be startled to learn that your table location is essential! Each position has its own “name” and signifies fundamental game ideas. When you first start a game, you may hear words like UTG (Under the Gun) or Lojack. These phrases refer to certain table locations. For certain poker games, these positions may be meaningless, while for others, such as Texas Hold’em, the positions at the table are explicitly stated in the game regulations.

Your position in Texas Hold’em is determined by the location of the small and large blinds on the table at any particular point throughout the game. You may utilize different poker tactics according on your position, and it is a good idea to know every position and comprehend what position you are in throughout each game.

Blinds, late positions, medium positions, and early positions are the four kinds of positions. UTG positions are associated with the early categories, Small and Big Blinds with the blinds, Lojack and Hijack with the middle positions, and Cutoff and Button with the late positions. Button locations and blinds are continually shifting around the table, clockwise after each hand.


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