Badugi is only one of several poker variations that put a new spin on an old favorite. Get to the finish line in Badugi with the worst possible four-card hand. In this variation, you play a lowball version of the standard triple draw. This implies that once the cards have been dealt, each player has three opportunities to discard a certain amount of cards and then draw more cards in the hopes of forming the finest possible hand.

Korea is often credited as the birthplace of Badugi poker. The term originates from this fact. “Baduk” is a Korean word that means “black and white pattern” in a loose sense. Every major online casino and live poker room will include this game, since it is wildly popular in the Asian market. Even real-life tournaments take place sometimes, which is unusual for poker games that aren’t the standard fare.

Due to the nature of the game, “lowball,” success is achieved solely by achieving the lowest possible combination compared to one’s opponents. You won’t have to relearn the rules of poker in order to play Badugi since the hand rankings are the same as in standard poker. For maximum success, you should aim for four aces in four distinct suits.


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