Jules qualified for the WPT’s historic event after winning a social media competition. On the other hand, her husband Scott Bonz put in the nomination. Scott enrolled his wife Jules in Amanda Botfeld’s Twitter contest since he knows how much she enjoys playing poker.

The “husband-nominates-wife narrative” was too much for Botfeld, so Jules is going to Las Vegas to compete in the WPT World Championship for $10,400. CardsChat spoke with Jules during the tournament to learn more about her and the many ways in which poker plays a role in her life.

Jules told us, “It’s a dream come true to compete in this tournament with so many of the poker greats I’ve loved for so long.”

This year’s WPT World Championship is much more than just poker.
At the WPT World Championship, this amateur saw more than just a chance to compete against the best players in the world. Los Angeles native and Iranian immigrant Jules has big plans to make poker a major part of her life. Her ultimate goal is to make poker her whole existence.

I plan to spend the rest of my life doing this. I told my spouse early on that I want to become famous as a poker player someday, but I have no idea how, why, or when that would happen. This is what I want to do for a job,” Jules said.

Botfeld agrees with you, for sure. As for Jules, she praised her as a future “wonderful champion for women in poker.” Jules appreciates the high compliment. She is aware of the difficulties women encounter in the poker world and is determined to overcome them.

Just let me compete on the same level as guys, please. There are 95 guys for every 5 women. The % is something I’d want to improve. She went on, “I’d be satisfied if I could increase it to 20%.

But how could she pull it off? Jules thinks that the greatest approach to combat sexism in poker is for one woman to inspire another, just as skyscrapers are created one brick at a time.

Jules won her place in the WPT’s record-breaking event through a social media contest. However, it was her husband, Scott Bonz, who nominated her. Knowing his wife’s passion for poker, Scott entered Jules in Amanda Botfeld’s Twitter giveaway.

Botfeld couldn’t resist the “husband-nominates-wife story,” which meant Jules was heading to Las Vegas for the $10,400 WPT World Championship. CardsChat caught up with Jules during the event to get her story and find out how poker is integral to her life in more ways than one.

“This is definitely a bucket list item for me to play in this amongst all the poker players I’ve watched and admired for years,” Jules told us.

WPT World Championship is more than poker

Beyond it being a chance to play with the pros, this amateur saw the WPT World Championship as an opportunity to do more. Jules, an Iranian-American born in LA, is determined to make poker more than a significant part of her life. She wants poker to be her life.

“This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I remember, right at the beginning, I told my husband that I don’t know how or why or when, but, someday, I want to make my name in poker. I want to do this for a living,” Jules said.

Botfeld would certainly support that. She said Jules would be a “beautiful advocate for women in poker.” That kind of praise isn’t lost on Jules. She understands the challenges women face in poker, and they’re challenges she wants to tackle head-on.

“I just want an equal playing field to men. It’s 95% men and 5% women. My goal is to change that percentage. If I can get that up to 20%, I’d be happy,” she continued.

How would she do that? Skyscrapers are built one brick at a time, and Jules believes that one woman inspiring another is the best way to tackle inequality in poker.

She is now a member of Herzdamen, an online poker group. With the goal of empowering women to take on greater roles in society, the organization meets every week to provide training and foster a supportive community. Jules has only ever had good luck, but she is well aware that this is not the case for everyone. For these and other reasons, she hopes to increase her presence on the poker scene.

My goal is to perform live more often because I think it’s important to provide a message of support to women. Give me and other women like me a chance to speak out and be role models. More women will see it and feel like they can do it if the media covers us, Jules added.

From the most intimate of home games to the world’s most prestigious tournament
That’s the plan for the long run, but for now, the focus is on taking home the WPT title. When Jules won her seat, it had been a while since she’d played poker, so she got right to work organizing some games at her house. The next planned activity was a visit to Riverside Casino, but unfortunately, a round of the illness put everything on wait.

I wasn’t able to get in as much practice as I’d hoped, so I was a bit anxious before coming here. When Jules’s husband assured her that “you’re probably better off starting over,” she “let go of the worry and went into exhilaration mode.”

In spite of all that pressure, she managed to advance to the second day of the event. Jules is one of those rare persons who “gets it” when it comes to the game of poker.

“I can’t explain why or how I learned [poker] so fast, but I did. Poker is the first activity in my life that has kept my attention, yet I have been diagnosed with ADHD. “After my first few of games, I was like, ‘Wow,’ poker is so much fun.

In addition to the thrills and adventures she’s enjoyed at the WPT World Championship, Jules has also felt a profoundly good effect on her life as a whole.

I like how outgoing you are. It’s never boring; there’s always something fresh to learn. Two games or events are never alike. “As someone with ADHD, I find these shifting power relations fascinating,” she said.

When anything in life provides you with more than fleeting satisfaction, it’s wise to commit to it. Indeed, Jules plans to do just that. She dreams of becoming a professional poker player. She has developed a deep appreciation for the game and the people of Las Vegas as a result of her time there.

Mind-bending Occurrences More of what Jules craves
In this city, she has met celebrities she had previously only seen on screen. She’s had wonderful interactions with them and can really say that she’s met them. Jules has made the most of every one of her extraordinary experiences, from riding the party bus to Area 15 with WPT CEO Adam Pliska to discussing tactics with Daniel Negreanu.

We’ve been to a lot of poker tournaments, and this is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s surreal to be able to meet and converse with athletes I’ve admired for so long. As Jules put it, “it’s been a really humbling experience.”

Many folks we’ve spoken to during the WPT World Championship have had the same sentiment. This has been a weird experience, especially for the qualifying athletes. It has also provided new opportunities. I agree with Jules that the poker fantasy should keep on.

We need more individuals with her kind of drive and dedication in the business world. She has big dreams and plenty of energy. We need something new in this era of stoic, solver-based professionals that prioritize winning above having fun. Contrast is the spice of life, and first-timers like Jules add something new to the pot.

Those in charge of the WPT are obviously aware of this, or else they wouldn’t have held so many contests. There is now an opportunity in this respect. All that’s left to do now is stroll through. If you want to see Jules again, just wait until the next major event, because she’ll be there.

I’d want to get a shot to show you what I’m made of and that I belong among the best of them. I know deep down that I belong here and can make my mark as a poker prodigy. It’s something I’m interested in having. Jules said, “I simply want it.

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